Investment Fund
B2SMB Alliance
We invest in startup groups that target small and medium businesses or startups
With B2BSMB Alliance you not only get the funding you seek but also gain a competitive advantage on the market through close cooperation with other Alliance member companies.
Examples of cooperation: code integration, audience exchange, M&A, new products at the intersection of your services, ecosystems of 3 or more companies, and so on.

B2smB = business to small or medium business
What we do
B2SMB Alliance
The fund invests in companies that directly or indirectly contribute to their clients' capitalization or revenue growth. We invest not in individual startups, but in a group of startups that come together and reinforce each other.
We create an environment for communication with each other, we put a lot of focus on that, we provide examples of successful connections and encourage you to make hypotheses about how you can improve each other's businesses. You can get insights, creative solutions and competitive advantages from our community if you decide to become a part of it.
Solid community
Above all, B2SMB Alliance is its people sharing ideas and interests and giving feedback to empower each other. The underlying idea of the project is that joint efforts lead to more rapid growth, and the Alliance community therefore forms an integral part of our business support approach.
Focus on strategy
Entrepreneurship is about finding balance between strategic and tactical decision-making. Teams, however, often start off by looking for perfect solutions to problems that are not their priority or don’t even need to be addressed. B2SMB Alliance aims to enhance teams' strategic vision via cooperation with other Allies and fund partners.
Thinking about global markets and clients' problems is the key skill to scale up a company. B2SMB Alliance does not limit entrepreneurs to countries or sectors. This way we can foster their vision of the grand strategy and their global goals.
Ongoing dialogue
The dialogue between Allies is based on a particular technique that integrates gamification into cooperative hypotheses testing. This approach actually has proven to be highly efficient and convenient.
Companies sharing a common target audience and actively seeking to cooperate are gaining a strong competitive advantage by merging their efforts.
How to START
Take your chance to get $ 1000 tomorrow
We are looking for pre-seed B2smB (business to small or medium business) startups and ensure a step-by-step investment from $ 1 to 500k.
Apply now
This $ 1000 vote is our way to blend out of other venture funds and show we mean business in our dialogue with you. We make a decision on the first microtranche within 2 working days.

Microtranche is a no-obligation deal and is done through a legit agreement.
No obligation in case of not passing to the next round.
We don't make recommendations about ways of spending money at this stage. Choosing the way of how to use it is entirely up to the founder.
If there is a transition to the next stage of interaction, the microtranche is counted in the next round volume.

After you get the first microtranche, we’ll help you find intersection points of interests and opportunities with other B2smB founders. Formed alliances can get up to $500k from our fund.
B2SMB Alliance
Looking for projects
• focused on enhanced client capitalization, revenues, or profit;
• providing services to small and mid-sized businesses and startups;
• revenue of $ 10,000/year or more;
• headcount of 3 or more.
It was important for me that the investor was a business owner as well, earning his money by doing business. Then it's not just money, but the opportunity to stay open to the investor and get support from him - to share victories and failures on the same team.

When you talk to other business owner and listen to the challenges they face, you quickly find common ground between problems that are both theirs and yours.At the same time, the observer's position allows you to get the big picture from the outside and solve your tasks not in a stereotypical way but rather going beyond that.

The alliance hosted plenty of such communication.
Ilya Martyn
Oleg Basha
1. Our project received our first seed investment thanks to this program. We were not even looking for an investor yet, but it turned out that this push to move forward was just in time. Our thanks go to the Alliance for highlighting and supporting us.
2. The Alliance fosters close members integration. Unlike short-term networking, educational programs or accelerators, here you actually get to find business owners matching your league and work in tight connection with them. It can be complicated for founders to stay on their own with their business-related issues. The mere presence of people sharing the same tasks and problems is very valuable. You can get a friendly piece of advice at the very least, and at the most, this environment promotes plenty of joint business ideas, mutually beneficial partnerships and opportunities to make each other better.
3. It is also valuable for me to be useful within the community. To share your expertise and assets, to help members grow their business and find solutions to their business-related problems. This promotes mutual involvement in projects and motivates to expand your business further.
B2SMB Alliance
Vitaly Akimov
14 years of experience in venture capital
Raised money for 100+ startups
Stanford graduate
Sold Webvisor to Yandex
Tracker for companies with a total capitalization exceeding $25B
Alex Fork
Founder of
His company was ranked among TechCrunch’s Top Picks 2018 (San Francisco), LATTICE80's Top 100 Fintech for SDG Influencers (Singapore), rise. global’s Blockchain Top 100 (London)
Completed a VC Unlocked program (Stanford, 500 Startups, San Francisco)
Completed the 500 Startups Accelerator Program (San Francisco)

Member companies
B2SMB Alliance
Booking management
Chat bot for Telegram, VK, and Viber
Target audience parsing
Expert LegalTech system
planning tool
store app
End-to-end Internet marketing
coworking network
CRM system with financial and management account
Network of flexible workspaces
AI-powered website
Live stream monetization service
imin, an iOS app
for Stories
Contact us
530 Lytton Ave, Palo Alto,
CA 94301 U.S.A.
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